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Budaya treasuring
the dutch-indonesian heritage

About The Budaya Project.

The Budaya project is a pattern trend based on the rich Dutch-Indonesian culture and heritage.

The goal of the Budaya brand is to introduce a modern view of this unique blending of cultures through pattern designs that are based on the Indonesian culture in the Netherlands.

The Budaya logo is based on a Gunungan. A Gunungan is a sign used in the traditional Wayang puppet performances to symbolize that you are now entering the spirit realm of the play. The Gunungan symbolizes the cosmos: the beginning and end of everything.

  • “Speaking to my customers, I realize that the young Dutch Indo generation is very interested in their Indonesian roots. Because sometimes only the old generations know and are able to tell about life back in the days, the traditions and culture. I think in my work, my customers are looking for a way to visualize those stories and feelings that they’ve been told about, to make them ‘fit’ into their lives today. As a way of honoring their roots.’’

    Ade Itameda - Tattoo Artist

The Budaya LookBooks

I have chosen to present Budaya through 2 lookbooks that will catalogue the pattern collection and various concepts which are inspired by traditional Batik patterns and Wayang figures. My choice to shape the lookbooks in a square form is based on the shape of a Batik stamp.

If you are interested in Budaya Collection patterns, contact us to get the Budaya LookBooks.

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Budaya - By Britta Zimmerman
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